libCompiler problem with CSS for toolbar


the lib compiler outout in the CSS file for the toolbar is giving an incorrect path for the imgs directory.

It outputs imgs//dhxtoolbar_dhx_skyblue/etc… instead of imgs/dhxtoolbar_dhx_skyblue/etc…

The result is a white toolbar. Editing the CSS to remove the extra / fixes it.

I’m using V3.0 of everything

This is not just a problem with the libCompiler, but this situation (the double slash //) also exists with the delivered dhtmlx.css in the file.

I experienced the same problem and used the same solution (search/replace the extra slash).

Ah! The reason is most likely because the dhtml.css you have (and if I’m right there’s also a dhtml.js file in the same package directory) were both created by the lib compiler.

You’ll probably find the .css for the individual component is correct. The lib compiler bundles everything together into a dhtml.css and dhtml.js and it seems this adds the extra ‘/’

Issue confirmed and fixed, next version of lib-compiler will correctly remove double slashes from the paths.