libCompiler producing files but they don't work


I have used libCompiler to produce a single css and js file. However, when I place these into my webapp it stops working.

I am getting errors such as dhtmlx.ui is not defined or this.enableUTFEncoding is not a function

I am using apache 2 with php 5.3.14 on windows.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Just thought it may be useful if I provide the generated output :slight_smile: (167 KB)

The code of compiled file doesn’t contain references to the dhtmlx.ui
Are you using some other dhtmlx js file in addition to the compiled dhtmlx.js ?

Sorry, I have been trying different combinations. The specific error I am getting with this set is:

layout.cells("b").attachForm is not a function

Hope this helps!

Hi All,

Just found this tucked in the dhtmlxform discussion group:

After updating the files with the ones attached in that thread it all seems to be working now :smiley: