libCompiler when including everything does not perform the s

I thought I was missing something (if I am let me know) as I tested a couple features over and over and they were failing to work as expected.

Drag and drop (d-n-d) a selection of multiple rows from one grid to another… only one of the rows selected was moved or copied.

and enabling mercy drag and drop stops the page from completing to initialize the grid.

So went to the dhtmlx samples and made sure it worked as expected and it worked perfectly… Then replaced the separate library calls with a libCompiler built library that was built to contain the entire suite (I double checked all the features were checked) and it failed.

So just use the sample code for… … _grid.html

and replace the libraries with a single lib compiler built js and css file and it will work except when dragging and dropping multiple rows

and if you add mercydrag it will stop the page from starting






The libCompiler is great except for this and I cannot say enough good things about dhtmlx and the support; but hope this info helps if others are searching through the knowledge base and hope for things to be even better with this info too.

This issue confirmed and fixed. Please contact and provide you ref ID and we will send you fixed file.