Licence, developers count and environments

We plan to implement Scheduler into our React project. The option that is suitable for our needs is the Commercial type which entails 5 developers.
We found information on how to install the Scheduler PRO via npm and download the codebase. And this is fine, but how do we do that when going trough the CI/CD process where during deployment we install all the packages every time, this is done for both stage and production environment. If we found a solution for hosting the PRO version of the codebase that is in compliance with the licence that we acquired, will there be any limitations for those installs or not. Basically will those installs during deployment be detected as “new” developers even if they are not. And will we than be limited to 5 deployments?

Hello @AleksandarFa ,

As I understand, you plan to host the PRO version of DHTMLX Scheduler on your private npm repository, is that right?
If so - there won’t be any limitations from our end, we’ll only ask you to make the Scheduler package private. For example - if you’d deploy the Scheduler PRO as a public package to - we’d ask you to take it down. Otherwise, your case is all within our terms of usage.

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Okay great, thanks for the answer. Could you please provide more info about how the count of developers is done, so we will be sure we won’t have any issues. Or is the count of developers just the number of accounts that we can have to submit tickets or report issues?

Hello @AleksandarFa,

We consider ‘developers’ as people who work with dhtmlx code at the same time and can apply for technical support.

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