License Questions

I am developing an internal corporate website which makes use of several dhtmlx components.
What kind of license do I need?

If there is a customer facing component (such as the scheduler), what license do I need given that I am not distributing the software?


From our understanding, you can use the Standard Edition of the DHTMLX components for free in your internal project under GNU GPL v2, unless you re-distribute it in any way. But you should know that if anyone who is not an employee of your company gets access to the DHTMLX sources, he/she will be allowed to request you to release your application under the terms of GNU GPLv2. Therefore, we normally recommend to purchase a commercial license for everyone who is not going to license the application under GNU GPLv2 to exclude complications.

If you would like to receive the PRO Edition of the DHTMLX components or get the ticket support, you also need to buy an appropriate license.

In case of Javascript, this is complex because when you put JavaScript code on your website it’s already a public use. We advise you to refer to the GPL license and the following links: … leasedMods … -libraries