License Transfer

We bought an Enterprise License for dhtmlx pro. The division I work at is being sold to a new company. The sale is pending and won’t be complete for a few months. This leads to questions about how we can handle our dhtmlx pro Enterprise license.

Can we transfer the license for dhtmlx to the new company? The software we wrote using the dhtmlx is part of that sale.

If the new company buys a new dhtmlx pro Enterprise license can we use the v4.02 version that is currently used in our software or do would we need to upgrade that to v4.3?

As I said earlier, there are a few months before the sale is final. Can the new company buy the license and let us use it at my current company until the sale is final?

Hi Darrell, yes, your new company should purchase a new license. After the purchase you’ll automatically get the latest version (4.3 for now), but you may contact us and we’ll send you the version you need. For more details please contact