Lifecyle in scheduler

HI, what is the lifecycle of scheduler


Could you please elaborate what you mean by “lifecycle of scheduler”?

I was told that the scheduler has a lifecycle, a succession of step it goes through from loading the data. I haven’t found much detail from the documentation, how it really work behind the scene from the loading of the data to the render inside the view.

If we talk about what happens when you call scheduler.load, the sequence is the following:

  1. scheduler send ajax request to the specified url
  2. onLoadStart event invoked
  3. once the request is completed, scheduler.parse is called to process the result
  4. onBeforeParse is invoked
  5. if dataset contains any collections - they get parsed and onOptionsLoad is called
    5.1 if Units, or Timelien view is active when onOptionsLoad is called - they can call a repaint
  6. onEventLoading is called for every processed event
  7. loaded events are rendered in the scheduler
  8. onParse is invoked
  9. onLoadEnd is invoked

Is that what you mean, or did you want to know something different?