Light Mouse Navigation & onClick event

If possible, I would like to use:


and I need to capture a single row click.

I found an old thread that said to use this function:

       var el = grid.getFirstParentOfType(_isIE?,"TD");
       var ind=el._cellIndex;
       var id=el.parentNode.idd;
       //any custom code here

Is this still the recommended solution?

You may try to use the listed solution or use


Also you may try to use enableRowsHover() method instead of enableLightMouseNavigation() … erowshover

I like enableRowsHover(). Is it possible for it to use the default class of the skin instead of defining one via a style?

I am now using all of the skins (sky, salad, sand, etc…)

I think I will use the dhtmlxEvent along with enableLightMouseNavigation. This is working well.

I’ve been using dhtmlxEvent for detecting events, I decided to create a prototype and share it:

dhtmlXGridObject.prototype.onClick = function(cb){	
  var that=this;
		var el  = that.getFirstParentOfType(_isIE?,"TD");
		var rId = el.parentNode.idd;
		var cId = el._cellIndex;
		var v   = that.cells(rId, 0).getValue()
    cb.apply(that, [rId, cId, v]);

This can be used as:

  myGrid.onClick(function(rId, cId, v){