Lightbox background won't dissappear

At one point on my system, I have one lightbox on top of another.
When I close the first one, it removes the first lightbox background, but when I close the second, it doesn’t remove the second.

If you go here:
Double click on ‘Internal Event Test’, then click on ‘Click here to view the To Do list for this event’.
Then try closing the ‘ToDo’ lightbox, and the ‘event’ lightbox.

How can I fix this?
No errors are coming up on my console…

You are calling startLightbox mutliple times - which is not expected. Scheduler can have only one lightbox in the same moment of time - that is by design. ( it stores reference to modal layer inside, which is overwritten during second startLightbox call )

If you need to show custom modal boxes - scheduler contains jsMessage lib inside, which has modalbox functionality

So should I be making it close the first lightbox, and then open the second, or is there a better way to do it?

Ok, thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll try that.