Lightbox custom section to be open as a default


I have custom section defined in my lightbox, but I have to click on ‘enable’ button to open it.
Is it possible to open the custom section when opening the lightbox (custom section to be visible by default)?

Thanks for any help.

If you are creating custom section, as described here … om_editors
it must be visible by default.

Can you share link where code of your custom section can be checked?

Thanks for the reply.

I checked the code and noticed it was closed by our code by default.

	scheduler.form_blocks["appointmentdetails_editor"] = {
		render: renderAppointmentDetails, 
		set_value: setValueAppointmentDetails, 
		get_value: getValueAppointmentDetails, 
		focus: function(node) {

renderAppointmentDetails function contained the line:""none";

so I changed to"";;

However, I’m not sure how to set the button status. It displays the ‘Enable’ button instead of ‘Disable’.

You can locate node of button through html , unfortunately there is no API to access it directly.
If you are using jquery you can pull it by css class - it will have .dhx_custom_button_{button name} class

Thanks for the reply.

I’ll try your solution.