lightbox delete button?


Can you think of any reason why the “delete” button would not be working on the lightbox? “Save” and “Cancel” buttons work fine. I have been working on some other things with the scheduler so can’t figure out if maybe I inadvertently did something in the code? Is there something I should be checking…right now when you click on “delete” nothing happens. I have to use “save” or “cancel” to close the lightbox.

Many thanks in advance.


The error I am getting when I press “delete” on the Lightbox when using the Error Console in Firefox is:

Error: TypeError: dhtmlx.confirm is not a function
Source File: xxxxxx/dhtmlxScheduler/codebase/ … heduler.js Line: 88

Many thanks again.



Do you also include dhtmlxcommon.js on your page?
If so - try moving it before dhtmlxscheduler.js or completely removing (dhtmlxScheduler includes it).

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Yes, I had included this on my page:


Moving it to the top solved the problem!

Thank you!