Lightbox _ Event

As your samples , when doubleclick or drag on the scheduler, it show lightbox and add a new event on scheduler. But as my requirements when doubleclick/ drag , it only show lightbox, And when Click button “Save”(of lightbox) then at this time A new event is added on scheduler.

Please show me how to do that.

Thanks so much.

Actually the default behavior of scheduler is the same, if you press cancel in lightbox form - new event will not be created ( saving to DB is initiated only after pressing Save button as well )

Thanks for your reply. I know that only click Save button new event is saved to DB , but as my requirements, when doubleclick or drag , it will show customized lightbox, and on scheduler will not attached a default event (“00:00 New Event”).

if i set : scheduler.config.dblclick_create = false;
scheduler.config.drag_create = false;
then a default event is attached on scheduler. But at that time it will not show lightbox.

Please, help me.

When default lightbox showing it requres that event in question must exists.
If you are using custom lightbox, by redefining showLightbox method, you can call


at first line, and delete the auto-created event.