Lightbox freezes unless pre-saving from calendar page first

If I don’t click the check box icon on the event from the calendar calendar page to save, when I enter the the light box everything gets frozen?

The lightbox dialog box comes up but I can’t save or cancel. Buttons don’t do anything.

I can’t identify when this started happening. I think I upgraded a component as suggested on the forum but not sure.



please provide some of your code or demo, so we could reproduce the issue

Most probably the issue happens because some contol throws an error during saving. Or maybe error is thrown in ‘onLightboxButton’ handler. Please check the browser console for error messages

Another possible thing that can block saving event is a limit extension. There is no default error message when event saving is blocked, so it appears that form does not reacts when you click save. Try to add listener for onLimitViolation event to see if it’s triggered … event.html