Lightbox questions

Hi to all!
I have two question about lightbox customization.
[1] - It’s possible to insert a dhtmxGrid in the Lightbox ? Is yes how I can do ?
[2] - I don’t undestand how use the “onchange” properties for the select editors. I have also tried to use “template type” for customization without any result.
My section is configured like this :

{name:"client", height:21, options:scheduler.serverList("cliente"), map_to:"fk_cliente", type:"select"}

Anyone can help me ?
Thanks in advance!

  1. It possible through custom section. But we have not any ready-to-use samples.
  2. works only in scheduler 3.5, you can define handler which will be triggered on option change
{name:"client", type:"select", onchange:function(){ alert("selection was changed"); }, ...

Thank you Stanislav!
Is there any possibility to filter the value of a “select type” editor from the “onchange” function of another “select type” editor in the lightbox?


You can use formSection API … x_sections … ormsection

Through it you can access native html select box and alter it in any necessary way.

Is it possible to do this at server side ?
The two “select type” editors are populated by the .net connector via dhtmlxOptionsConnector (scheduler.serverList).
I need to repopulate one select according the value of the other select.


You can load them on server side but change handler is client side, you can’t communicate with .net code from it.

It possible to use .net form instead of default lightbox. In such case you will be able to use .net ajax functionatilty and .net events to handler user interactions.

Sorry but I can’t find any documentation for use .net form instead lightbox form.
How i can do this thing ?

Thanks for the help.

Check … htbox.html


Sorry for upping this old topic but the solution “onchange” for select input proposed by Stanislav doesn’t works for me…

{name:"subject", height:20, type:"select",[b] onchange:function(){ alert("selection was changed");}[/b], options: scheduler.serverList("options"), map_to:"text", focus:true}
Any ideas?

I mean for version 4.2…

Please check the next snippet. The same code still works for me