Lightbox server side events

Hi to everybody,

I would know if there is the possibility to access to server side via lightbox events.
I must to do something in server side every time I save or modify a new event.
Any help is appreciate.


Hi Lorenzo,
if you use dhtmlxConnectors try beforeProcessing event of schedulerConnector … sing_event

Thanks for your reply.
My requirement is pass a value from “event_save” function to server side (like the “AfterInsert” / “AfterUpdate” methods in dhtmlxConnector).
How can I do this operation ?
Any help is appreciate.


on client side you can add any custom attribute to event

scheduler.getEvent(id).mydata = "abc";

on server side you can use

$action->get_value("mydata"); // == abc

Sorry but I can’t reproduce your code example.
Below there is my situation.
I attach my “event save” event :

scheduler.attachEvent("onEventSave",function(id,data){... some code ...}

And then I init my scheduler and load the connector :

scheduler.init('scheduler_here', null, "week");
var dp = new dataProcessor("Handler/schedulerConnector.ashx");

I’ve tried to use the getEvent method in this way :

scheduler.getEvent('onEventSave').mydata = "abc";

but the scheduler returns an error and I cannot access the value on server side.
I remember you that the value that I have to pass to server side is calculated in the “onEventSave” function.
Thanks for your help.

on client side

… custom code …
data.mydata = “abc”;

  return true;


on server side

function custom_logic($action){ $action->get_value("mydata"); // == abc } $scheduler->event->attach("afterProcessing", "custom_logic");