Lightbox: setting the Template Control value from a Select


I have an issue with the Lightbox control. I am using ASP.NET 4.0 (no MVC). My problem is this:

I have a list of Patients in my database. I retrieve the names and a custom value to place in a Select control in my Lightbox. Aside from the 2 fields “key” and “label”, I have another field called “Session”. Each record should has it’s own session value. What I need to do is for each record, check the session value and place the value in my TemplateControl in the Lightbox.

Am trying for days now to figure it out but I can’t. Would greatly appreciate any help.

Thank you in advance.


NB: I’m using the Units View to generate a list of Patients.

EDIT: Also, how can I access the onchange event for the select control, from the server-side?

linking template control to a select will requires some JS coding, please check the attached example

Lightbox controls does not do postbacks, so you won’t have direct access to onchange event from the server. (258 KB)

Hi Aliaksandr,

The attachment you provided worked beautifully!
Thank you so much!! Really appreciate it.