Lightbox time control doesn't show values from 03:00 to 3:59

i see the basic lightbox on this demo

and i don’t see time between 03:00 and 03:59

is this a bug?

Hi @axionmak,
it looks like the issue occurs when the data comes from the back-end. If you implement this code in the usual way, it works correctly:

Hi @Ales

the link and the photo is from live dhtmlx demo.
This is correct now, the incident occurred when the date was Sun 28/03 (daylight saving time date).

So to reproduce this you have to set the date to 28/03 on your machine and enable daylight savings time.
Then you can visit any demo from dhtmlx site and see the problem.


Hello @axionmak,
this issue relates to the javascript Date object default behavior, and unfortunately, there is no ready solution in the scheduler to change the behavior.
I sent it to our dev team and they will work on a fix, unfortunately, I can’t give you any ETA. I will inform you if the issue is fixed.