Lightbox Time Picker jumps back to default value

Hello everyone,

I wonder if anyone has encountered anything like this:

In my lightbox the Time / Datepicker resets to the default value after some seconds while dropdown is open and I’m looking for a new time, month, hour, etc.
This is a problem that could really be a killer to the scheduler usage.

I found out that I have a set_Timeout running and repeating itself every 10 seconds but doing acutally nothing exept some ajax code for logging / chatting. Nothing is focused or selected.

Can I get scheduler to ignore this setTimeout to remain stable while selecting new times in the lightbox without stopping the setTimeout?

Thank you in advance!

could you please provide us a sort of demo or working sample?
Does your timeout function manipulate events, scheduler or refresh the page in some way?

Thank you for your answer.

OK, I tried to figured out what is refreshed at the page. Trying around it came out that the “bug” appears only in Google Chrome. The more I outcommented lines I came down to a css file beeing loaded in an ajax request.

It seems that the feature that GChrome uses to refresh a page design on the fly (i can edit a css without reloading a page and see the changes directly) is the problem. While reloading / refreshing css scheduler lightbox dropdown boxes are “reset”, too.

As I dont need the css file in the ajax request, the line is gone now and -> it works great.