Limit the load of events in recurring events.

Hi folks,

I’m trying to limit the load of events for never ends recurring events type. Is there any plugin something like limit.js that I’ll just put the value load events for two years 2015 but the recurring event end date is 9999-12-12 12:12:00. I’m facing problem when I try to display event in agenda_view calendar collapses. I think I need some calculation of repeating event which will calculate id#231369048200, take second part after # find out the year 2015 and load_events till this time.

Any suggestions.
Thanks in advance.

you can limit displayed range in the agenda view scheduler.config.agenda_end = new Date(2015,0,1); similar config is also available for map view, scheduler.config.map_end

thanks that’s worked. actually I’ve a grid_end

scheduler.config.grid_end = new Date(2015, 0, 1);

I had this before

//scheduler.config.agenda_end = Date(), 1, “month”); //1 month from a current date