Limit the number of events per day


Is there a way for me to limit the number of allowed events per day?
Or failing that allow only one event per calendar day?

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Check … llisions&s[]=collision

You can use code like

scheduler.config.collision_limit = 2; //allows 2 events per a time slot


If you really need to block cases where one day (say 2011-11-16) would have two events are totally different time (01:00 - 02:00, 05:00 - 06:00) then you need to attach your own handler for the onEventSave event.
And there:

  • get date for the saved event
  • try to get events for that date (not time)
  • if there are such event - block saving, else - allow it

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Thanks ever so much for your quick response!
Really appreciated :smiley:

Here is the code I used to limit number of events starting at the same day:

[code]scheduler.attachEvent( “onEventSave”, function( id, e ){
var ed;

for( var ek in this._events ) {
	if( id == ek )
	ed = this._events[ ek ];

	if( sameDay( ed.start_date, e.start_date ) ) {
		alert( 'You may not add more than one event per day' );
		return false;

return true;

} );

function sameDay( d1, d2 ) {
if( d1.getDate() != d2.getDate() ) return false;
if( d1.getFullYear() != d2.getFullYear() ) return false;
if( d1.getMonth() != d2.getMonth() ) return false;

return true;