Line height

How can I change the line height in week/day view?

You can change size of hour slot as

scheduler.config.hour_size_px = 84; //42 is default value

So am I right, that i can’t change the labels to 15min slots and get an own line color for those slots?


What do you mean?
Also be sure to check scheduler/samples/02_customization/09_timestep.html sample.

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I read the example. I just wanted to make the lines thinner. In the example they are 21px height. But just decreasing the (three) values (given in the example) to 10px (or whatever) isnt what I wanted since then the labels wouldn’t fit perfectly to the blue/white lines.

Example attached

no idea?

The lines in the right part is the static image
you can change it ( resize ) to have color lines of necessary height

though i change an image, not impacting for the line height, please i need the answer too :cry:

The height of cell is defined by scheduler.config.hour_size_px
( be sure to set value before scheduler.init )
If you have changed it and scheduler still renders lines of different height - please provide any kind of sample where it can be checked.