link does not work on javascript with arguments


I use the link cell type and is not working properly on javascript function call with arguments! By the way I use JSON to load my grid.

It is working fine with javascript function without argument but I think it make sense to also make it work on function with arguments right? I tried to use anchor tag but the problem is, is in the sorting.

Here’s what firebug console shows when the link above is parsed

<a onclick="(_isIE?event:arguments[0]).cancelBubble = true;" target="_self" )="" 3="" ,="" Link_name="" 21175="" href=“javascript:openExportTree(” title=“javascript:openExportTree(”>Link_name

and here’s a function that don’t have arguments


Please don’t tell me to change the loading format to XML as we are doing JSON all the way. Please help, I have deadlines and sorry to say but this is becoming a frustration. Thanks

To fix this issue you should use double quotes at the function parameters: