Link error in DHTML

I have problem when using this sample of xml data to load to dhtml tab

<?xml version="1.0"?>

All Employee List

Entry Form

Waiting Approval

List by Contract

List by Segment

    List by Job Function

Expired Employee History

the error said, error in loading xml… when i change the link for url to channel.php?id_chan=230, it works, but the new link cannot delivery the post method.

This case also happen when i use the xlm data with the similar link in the tree menu and the toolbar.

how can i fix this?

Please help me. thx.

Problem not in component, but in XML rules. XML deny  unescaped & char, the correct text will look as

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<tab id=“b1” width=‘130px’ selected=“1” href=“channel.php?id_chan=230&key=100”>All Employee List

& will be automatically converted back to & in XML parsing process, so valid link will be used ( same rules need to be used with < and >  chars )