Link in TreeGrid only works one time

I’m using the TreeGrid and i have the following column types:


I then feed it the following XML:

Project List

<![CDATA[Project 1]]>

The problem I’m seeing is that the embedded link is only good for 1 click. After that, I get the following error when I click on the link:

“someFunction is not a function”

I have also tried embedding the following link. It also produces the same error.

<![CDATA[Project 1]]

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? The intent of the a href / span is to provide a hook for calling a javascript function.

Thanks for any direction/bug fixes you can provide,



The link is correct. Please check that someFunction is define on the page with treegrid.

If the issue isn’t solved, please provide the demo to

You are absolutely correct.  The bug was on my side.  I was clobering the function, someFunction within the function itself.

Sorry for the inconvenience,