Link to another tab with Tabbar

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i am exploring the Tabbar. What I would like to know, and can’t find easily, is how i can make a link to a specific tab. Suppose i am in tab 1 and would like to create a link to tab 2, or I am on another page and would like to redirect the browser to the pag with the tabs on it and go to tab 3 for example.

Can someone help me?

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to activate a tab you need to call setTabActive(tabId) method:


If the link is inside a page that is loaded into an iframe on the same page as tabbar, you may call parent.tabbar.setTabActive(tabId);

If you need to redirect the browser to the page with a tabbar, you need to use some server-side script for the page with tabbar to pass tab id:
document.location.href = url+"?tabId=t1"
and the tabbar page you need to get tabId parameter and pass it to the setTabActive method

i have a tab with 5 tabs
each tab’s content is loaded with ajax gets it content from another php
so in the other php can i there include :


This doesn’t seem to work ?

no reaction at all ?

Please advice me ?

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Is o2 tab id? In this case it should a string:

you are the best !
it works super!