linked_selects_in_lightbox for dynamic php mysql

Hi i have been working on the ssample file for the samples/02_customization /26_linked_selects_in_lightbox.html .

This sample i just for client side. Is there any sample for php mysql that the data comes from tha database instead of javascript.

Please help becuase i really cannot figure out how to convert this to dynamic php mysql…

My situation is like this ::

i have two combobox and the one is parent and the one is child. once i click the parent the child data will show related to the id of parent…

Please help i apreciate it very much i need this very badly…thanks

There is no ready to use sample, bu tyou can use the similar approach, from onchange handler of first select you can make any kind of custom ajax call, and fill second select from its response.

Ok. Thanks… thats why no matter reasearch i do i found nothing…

thanks mannnn


I’ve made a lot of researches to do this too, but still not working…
Any help would be really appreciated.
Thanks a lot