Linked tasks - Gantt + Kanban

Hi - I’m currently using the gantt component and would like to start using the kanban as well, but I had a question about linking/dependent tasks. Is there a way to block those tasks that have a dependency from being completed or moved before the other has been?

Do you want to show the same data in both Gantt and Kanban, and use the relations data from the Gantt to affect the behavior of the Kanban?

To start from - there is no built-in logic of such kind, as Kanban doesn’t track card’s dependencies ( not till the oncoming 1.4 update at least ). Though, if you have those relations as some JS structure, you can use events of the Kanban widget, and check does the card have a blocking relation before allowing the drag operation.

The oncoming update will introduce card-to-card relations, still there will be no default blocking behaviors, it will simplify the relation storage though, as you will be able to load both cards and their relations into the Kanban widget and after that read the relations data from the card’s object.

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Yeah - I’m wanting to use the same data object as the gantt ideally - (i.e. the task data and link data). Is that coming in the 1.4 update? When is that scheduled for release?

Not exactly. Oncoming 1.4 will add the concept of related tasks to the kanban, which will allow operating with links from the Gantt in the Kanban. There will be some extra steps

  • the format of data is not the same, the conversion is rather trivial though
  • while Kanban will allow preserving and visualizing links, it will not affect drag-n-drop behavior by default, you will need to write your own event handler to force the required limitations
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Thanks mate - when is 1.4 due for release?