Linking the mobile scheduler to the regular scheduler

I want to link both the mobile and regular scheduler so that they both display the same events and can be edited on both devices. I already make them have the same “save” file which is Event.php but when I create an event it doesn’t display in database. Any advice?


both mobile and desktop scheduler can load data with the same format. And data saving php script can also one for them. Please take a look at the sample:


It uses schedulerConnector in php script as desktop scheduler.

Okay so I got the Mobile scheduler to save to my database but now the problem is it doesn’t fetch the data from mysql db so when I refresh the page the events disappear.However, the events I entered from the mobile scheduler shows on the desktop scheduler perfectly.


Please check the xml with scheduler data. Whether all saved events are included in it ?

If the xml is correct and events are not shown, please send the example of this xml - we’ll try to reproduce the problem locally.