List of items appears at the top of the screen.

Sorry for my poor English.

When I use the tab key to select a value and move to the next combo,

the list of combo opens at the top of the screen. Is there any solution to this problem?


Unfortunately problem not reconstructable with local samples 
Is it occur for you with local samples or only in your custom code ? In second case problem can be caused by page layout - combo calculates position of its container on page and places list of options in same point
( such situation may occur if you are using containers with absolute position )

The dhtmlxcombo.js contains _positList function which can be adjusted to provide position exact for you html layout ( it not necessary if containers positioned on page as part of normal flow )

I’m having the same problem. When I use the tab key. The dropdown appears on the topleft of the window. Its happening both on FF and IE.

Please try to use latest version of combo , latest js file can be taken from next thread … 404&a=1569

Just downloaded the new js. Still doesn’t fix the problem. I have noticed the only time the dropdown window starts to display correctly is after I click on the field. If I dont click on it and go to it using the Tab key, it displays the dropdown on the top left corner. I am guessing we might need some onload function to get the positions for the comboboxes?

One more situation with incorrect positioning was confirmed and fixed ( fixed file attached )
If problem still occurs for you - please send any kind of sample where it can be recostructed ( you can send it directly to ) (8.47 KB)

This is working now. Great!. Thanks for the support. 5/5 stars to the support team!