List of required PHP modules


Is there a list of required PHP modules somewhere for different dhmtlx features? I searched a bit but couldn’t find it.

I just deployed my app, and it failed due to missing SimpleXML module on the server that’s needed for the Excel export feature. Btw, this fails without proper error - the toExcel http POST just returns a 200 success with 0 content-length.
I’m not sure what else will be required.

dhtmlx library is a client side lib, so itself it doesn’t depend on any php modules.

As for php connector and php export lib - they uses only modules which are enabled by default in win and common linux distros.

Well, such a list would really help those who have to compile php themselves.
I don’t have root access on our server to install packages.

Anyways, in case it helps someone :

  • so far I needed simplexml, and zip extensions to make excel export work.
  • line 3 in codebase/gridExcelWrapper.php is disabling error_reporting. If it didn’t do that it would have saved me an hour or so to determine that zip extension was missing.