List: selections jump to top

My QA noticed a regression after upgrading to 5.1. If one of the bottom 2 rows showing in list is selected, scrolltop is changed so that it immediately slides up to the top position. If I change how many rows, it is still the bottom 2. I have to have enough rows for scrollbar

I noticed that I see the same behavior on the DHTMLX demo site. Is this considered a feature? Is there an API setting to reverse this change?

I noticed a similar thing happening in grid also, but it is not as much a usability problem for my use cases.

Thank you

I found that if I changed a parameter for sorting the list contents to false, the new behavior stopped:

mygrid.selectRow(rowIndex, false, false, true);

changed to

mygrid.selectRow(rowIndex, false, false, false);

Could you please, clarify what component you are meaning or provide a link to a demo, where the described behavior can be observed.
I cannot observe such behavior in the online samples: