List View in Mobile Scheduler

There seems to be something wrong with how List View in the Mobile Scheduler works.

If you have loaded data, nothing shows in the List View UNLESS scheduler.config.init_date has been set to a specific date which is prior to the loaded data.

The loaded data will display correctly in the Day View and Month View but will not show in the List View.

You can test this out by using the 01_init sample and setting

scheduler.config.init_date = new Date();

The scheduler will open on today’s date, but no data will display in the List View. However, if you use Month View to go back to the months in 2011 you will see the data gets displayed in both Month View and Day View.

I wish to be able to open the Mobile Scheduler on Today’s Date, and have the List View display prior information relating to any data that I have loaded. What settings can I use to achieve that?

In this case you need to define the date for List in scheduler.config.init_date and use setDate method to select different day:

scheduler.config.init_date = new Date(2012,0,1);

$$(“scheduler”).setDate(new Date());

Thanks for that. That will sort the issue for me.