list view scheduler rec

In the list view of the rec scheduler,if a event’s rec_type is empty,the event don’t show at the list view.


By default, “List” view shows events where start date is not smaller than current date:

scheduler.config.init_date = new Date();

If you want to to show all events of a current date including not actual, you can use the following config:

scheduler.config.init_date = dhx.Date.datePart(new Date());

thank you very much,now,I have a new problem,I save scheduler at “onbeforeAdd” event,like this:
var text = event.text;
var details = event.details;
var start_date = event.start_date;
var end_date = event.end_date;
var rec_type = event.rec_type;
if(rec_type == null){
rec_type =“”;
var schedulerType = “1”;
var event_length = event.event_length;
var param = {
start_date:dhx.Date.dateToStr(“%Y-%m-%d %H:%i”,true)(start_date),
end_date:dhx.Date.dateToStr(“%Y-%m-%d %H:%i”,true)(end_date),
dhx.ajax().post(“”,param,function(text){ = text;});
the first time I can save the scheduler success,but the next time I save a scheduler,it get a error“Cannot read property ‘start_date’ of undefined”, if I debug step by step ,I will get a error"Cannot read property ‘id’ of undefined",can you help me? and,is there a detail document of mobile scheduler?

this is the error img

oh I solved the problem,at the callback ,“ = text;”