List view toolbar??

How can I add a toolbar to the top of the List view?

It is impossible to add view into the list view without code modification. You can add put the scheduler into layout with two rows:

  • toolbar
  • scheduler
    and hide/show toolbar depending on active view:

dhx.ui({ rows:[ { id:"top_toolbar", view:"toolbar", elements:[ {view:"label", label:"Toolbar"} ] }, { view: "scheduler", id: "scheduler" } ] }); $$("scheduler").$$("tabViews").attachEvent("onViewChange",function(prev,next){ var viewId = $$("scheduler").innerId(next); if(viewId == "list") window.setTimeout(function(){ $$("top_toolbar").show(); },500); else $$("top_toolbar").hide(); });

It is also possible to disable animation. In this case you can call $$(“top_toolbar”).show(); without timeout: