List with ASP source

I have an application that renders a multiview with three cells:

1: login screen
2: menu selection
3: result screen

The menu is a grouplist view with a URL of usermenu.asp that renders the xml. This all works fine but how do I get the grouplist to re-evaluate the output from usermenu.asp if the underlying content in the database is updated?

I have tried $$(“menu”).refresh(); but this does not seem to work.

I know that I could split the app into two HTML files (login in one and menu and result in the other) but I’d rather keep it together if possible so that the list can be refreshed at any time without having to log in.

Many thanks if anyone can help.

… I have tried

dhx.ajax().post(“usermenu.asp”, “username=” + data.result, function (xml) { $$(‘mainMenu’).parse(xml) });

but the list returns empty - maybe my syntax is a little out?

You can use

$$("menu").clearAll(); $$("menu").load("usermenu.asp","xml");

or just


without clearAll - items which was removed on server side will not be removed on client side ( changed and added will be reflected correctly )

Thanks for your help - I got there in the end with:

dhx.ajax().post(“usermenu.asp”, formData, function (text) { $$(‘mainMenu’).parse(text, “xml”); });