Live update and befroeRender

When changing data in the beforeRender event, this is not applied to the output while in live update mode.

I have fixed this by changing the class DataItemUpdate, method to_xml, in file “update.php” in the connector like this:

[code]/*! generate XML on the data hash base
public function to_xml(){

// Data might have been changed by beforeRender event, so update child with correct data
$this->child->data = $this->data;

$str= “<update “;
$str .= 'status=”‘.$this->data[‘type’].’” ‘;
$str .= ‘id="’.$this->data[‘dataId’].’" ‘;
$str .= ‘parent="’.$this->get_parent_id().’"';
$str .= ‘>’;
$str .= $this->child->to_xml();
$str .= ‘’;
return $str;

(added the “$this->child->data = $this->data;”)

Is this the correct way to go, or is there an alternative (better) way to correct this?

And could you update the connector with this adjustment for future releases?

Yep, I can confirm the problem.

Solution which you are using is mostly solves the problem. We will include similar fix in the next update.

Thanks for the problem report.

Thanks for fast reply, if another solution is used please let me know. Thx!