Load a CO (select) from XML / Database

Hi Guys,

I can’t seem to find the answer to this issue…

I have a CO Select box in a grid, that I want to populate wtih values from a database (so that user can add new rows based o these values). I can manually load using combo.put like in the code below, however I need to be able to load this dynamically from a database table… is there a way I can do this, i.e. through a loadXML or a connector or something?

Current Code -

crewTasks.addRow(27000, ["",""]);

var combo = crewTasks.getCustomCombo(27000,0);

combo.put(1,‘Toursteel’); //test combo manually

If you are using connectors - grid will make attempt to load combo options automatically ( co and coro columns in the grid )
It can be controlled by set_options settings in the connector’s code

dhtmlx.com/dhxdocs/doku.php?id=d … ns_in_grid

Inside connector’s package , there are two related samples

Be sure to use the latest version of connectors.

Perfect, thanks that worked/