Load a custom field 'unit' on open - Joomla

Hi, I am using this great product to try and make a tennis booking manager.
So far I have used the custom field, and made 3 ‘Courts’ (units).
I have a Joomla link to the Scheduler, but the Scheduler loads with the ‘Day’ view as set in the Settings.
How can I change the default opening view to the custom ‘Courts’.

There are a couple of docs (docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … stom_views), but I’m not sure how to follow them. They don’t have what file to edit and exactly what to do.

If you know the answer, please help me out. I would be so grateful.

Hello, Nick.

Thank you for your feedback.
Unfortunately currently it’s impossible to change default view to the units (or timeline) view created from a custom section. We will look how this could be improved.

As an option for now you can hard code name of the default view in the source code:

  1. Open wordpress\wp-content\plugins\event-calendar-scheduler\codebase\dhtmlxSchedulerConfigurator.php file
  2. Locate

And change it to


Where ‘court’ is the name of your custom section in lower case (“Court” --> “court”, “Court section” --> “courtsection”)

Hope this helps.

Best regards,