Load a Specific Record fromt the server side


i am using connector and dataprocessor for the server side connection and CRUD operation that was very fine great...

now i want to load a specific record on to the form using the following function


the variable number changes as per my requirement at runtime i want to show a error message if the specified record is not present in the server side database

that is if load myform.load(‘loaddata.do?id=10’) if the record 10 is not int he database table i want to give a alert…

You can use something like

myform.attachEvent("onBeforeDataLoad", function(id, data){ if (data.id != id ) alert("Invalid record"); return true; });


 no use
 the data.id shows only undefined value

Which version of dhtmlxform you are using?

data - must be a data object with all props and id

dhtmlx suite 3.0

Cheched locally - and it works as expected, is data object contains all other properties for form fields in your case ?