Load all-day events via JSON import

Hi all,
I’m currently loading event data via json. (parsed from an ical file by a different libray outside DHX for other reasons, and converted to the DXH json format.)
$.ajax({ dataType:"JSON", url:'get_cal_json_new.php?file='+files, success:function(data){

that part works fine.

What I need to do is be able to display all-day events properly. At the moment all-day events import with start-time and end-time both set to 00:00:00 for consecutive days, and show up as such in all views (ie. it says “starts: 00:00:00” etc) instead of what I would like: “All Day”.
I see there is a toggle for full_day, docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/api__s … onfig.html and it seems that this is available in Mobile as well according to the docs.
But how can I flag an event as ‘all-day’ when importing via json?
Or, if necessary, can I process the events as a batch and apply the flag after import?
Or, can I change a template somewhere so that it only DISPLAYS as full_day given certain criteria (ie. if start == end == “00:00:00” then hide, or something…) ???



Could you please specify which version of Scheduler you meant: desktop or mobile ?