Load Big Datasets in TreeGrid

Hello, I need to load about 150,000 records, about 40mb at the moment, it may grow.
I need to load them all because they carry filters, export to pdf, etc …

I thought about loading the parents first, so that it would be seen and from behind all the children.
Is there a method that charges all children only?
It would be executed with the “XLE”.

Greetings, thank you.

You may try to use the dynamic loading principle:
but call the data loading of your child items from the callback function of the parent data loading
for example.

   myGrid.load("child_part1.php", function(){       
      myGrid.load("child_part2.php", function(){
         alert ("data is loaded")

you just need to define the “parent” in your child datafile:

<rows parent="parent1"> 
    <row id="child1" xmlkids="1"> 

Hello, thanks for answering.

The problem is that in this way I have to make a query to the bbdd for every father who has children, it can be 100,000.

I bring the parents alone, that’s fine.
Can I bring the children alone?
I would do two consultations, first I bring all the parents and then bring all the children.

A greeting.

unfortunately there is no such mechanics in the dhtmlxTreegrid.