Load data from database DHTMLX Suite 6.0


how i can load data from data base mysql on dhx form and grid version 6.0


There are no inbuilt connectors allowing to load the data directly from your database.
All the dhtmlx components use REST API allowing to communicate with any backend. also, the format of data is a common json so there is no need to write the additional code for the data format customization.


is there any example to update and delete form and datatable use REST API??


Unfortunately currently there are no ready examples for integration with the backend databases.


Letzs take a grid as an example. It is easy to get data from the database via
grid.data.load("http://localhost/api/read.php"); where read.php performs a SQL query and outputs it as json.
But when you create the grid component with editing: true what exactly should happen, when I edit a cell in the browser? Where would I specify an API URL to receive the changed data and write it into the DB?


You need to perform your own backend requests with data to the server.
from the change
event of the datacollection:
to update right after the edit operation is finished.
or you may serialize the data:
and send it to your backend.


And how do I send it?! Could you please provide a code snipplet with the commands to send the data to a webserver?


Currently there is no inbuilt ajax functionality in the dhtmlxSuite. You should perform your own ajax request with the needed data.


Hello there.

We have published the demo of the dhtmlxSuite components loading data from the database.
You can download and test it here: