Load data from XML string

Hello, is there any possibility to load data into grid from a XML string instead a URL?

My XML is custom so I need to use:

mygrid._process_custom_xml = function (xml)
{ …
var rows = xml.doXPath("//clipfull");


That works ok if I use mygrid.load(URL, “custom_xml”) but if I use mygrid.parse(xml_string, “custom_xml”) the the xml.doXpath does not work, and I need to load the XML from a string not from a URL.

You should add extra code to the row level parser:

grid._process_custom_xml=function(xml){ this._parsing=true; if (!xml.doXPath){ var t = new dtmlXMLLoaderObject(function(){}); if (typeof xml == "string") t.loadXMLString(xml); else { if (xml.responseXML) t.xmlDoc=xml; else t.xmlDoc={}; t.xmlDoc.responseXML=xml; } xml=t; } ... //rest of the code

That works perfect! Thank you.

After a few tests I noticed that the code works good for Internet Explorer, but xml.doXPath("//…") returns 0 rows for Firefox and Chrome. The dtmlXMLLoaderObject is correctly created in all browsers.

Any idea to resolve the problem?

I am facing the same issue, any fix for this?