Load data to scheduler from C# list

I’m trying to load data to my scheduler from C# list like this:

<script type="text/javascript">

@ foreach (var myevent in schedulerEvents)

start_date: @ myevent.start_date,
end_date: @ myevent.end_date,
text: @ myevent.text;


schedulerEvents list contains object of this class:

public class SchedulerEvent
public DateTime start_date;
public DateTime end_date;
public String text;

        public SchedulerEvent(DateTime start, DateTime end, String text)
            this.start_date = start;
            this.end_date = end.AddHours(1);//visit take always 1 hour
            this.text = text;

Code compile but I have only partially initialized scheduler. I can’t even see this events. Only pagging arrows and “today” button are displayed. What is wrong? Please help me.


Pleae check that you set the date format that is used to parse data from a data set in the date_format config:

If that doesn’t help to solve the issue, please send the demo that I can run locally.