Load Data


I m trying to get data into a scheduler.
I’ve got a scheduler into a unique view.
I’ve put this procedure

public ContentResult Data()
var events = (new ProvaCal.Models.CustomFieldsDataContext()).ColoredEvent;
return (new SchedulerAjaxData(events));

        //var data = new SchedulerAjaxData((new ProvaCal.Models.CustomFieldsDataContext()).ColoredEvent);
        //return (data);

In debug I see data, but on video I don’t see anything…
Any ideas?
(.Net razor engine).


I’m not quite sure what do you meen:)
the most frequent issues with data loading is:
1)incorrect url - data action simply not triggered
2)some of the events in coloredEvents table has null values for start_date or end_date, this will cause js error when events will be rendered on the client, and events wont be displayed
hope some of it will help


i found my problem.
When I save data, I lost hour. Why?
Into my db, start date and en_date are datetime type.
Into data.ColoredEvent.InsertOnSubmit(changedEvent) data are correct.
After data.SubmitChanges, hour are losts…

Any ideas?

Find It!
Into my model, start_date and end_date was date type not datetime type!