Load external url (json, xml,...)


I have a problem to load data fron external source, in fact using something like this:

{ view:“list”, id:“tab_mytab”, url:“data/myxml.xml”, datatype:“xml”,
template:"#name#", select:true, type: { }


all its ok, but if I use an external url like: www.site.com/myxml.xml, nothing is loaded…

There is a way to load json and xml file from other site?

Thank you

Cross domain requests are blocked by default
You can configure the server side script to allow access from different domain

nczonline.net/blog/2010/05/2 … e-sharing/

In ( different agri-portal)

This works in Chrome and Firefox but not in IE9.
IE does not accept “Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *”
Friends.php is written as

What can I do to make it work in IE?

In IE9 Iget the error “touchui.js, Row 78 char 383” ,there is no error in chrome or firefox.

You may try to use JSONP method in this case.

The loaded data can be added into the list using parse() method.