Load "full day" events from server

I’m loading events to the calendar from a server side script (php), using json format.
Now I would like to set the right property in order to get “full day” events.

Client side I’ve enabled this attribute:
scheduler.config.full_day = true;
and it works.

But I don’t know how to “set” this parameter from the server.

I tried adding ‘full_day’ attribute set to true in the information returned via json but it doesn’t work.

Thank you,

Apparently I’ve found the solution for this:

“start_date” => ‘2015-01-06’,
“end_date” => ‘2015-01-06 24:00’,

This shows the event as “Full day” and when you edit the event, the full-day checkbox is checked.


there is no specific config for this. You can try to pick events using MySQL TIMESTAMPDIFF function in a WHERE clause, e.g. “SELECT … WHERE TIMESTAMPDIFF(DAY, start_date, end_date) = 1”
dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/ … estampdiff