load function does not support timezone


i tried to load ical from google using load(“https://google…”,“ical”)
but I found a shift fesaux horraire on my agenda.
I tried to use the scheduler.config.server_utc = true function; but it did not work.

the head of my ical contains X-WR-TIMEZONE: Europe / Paris
but the load method does not support it

thank you.

Scheduler can’t load data from some arbitrary timezone, it can load data from UTC or from the default client’s timezone only.

i found solution to support timezone

scheduler.attachEvent(“onEventLoading”, function(ev){
var start=ev.start_date;
var end=ev.end_date;
var offset=(start.getTimezoneOffset()*-1); //get the shift timezone in minute
//modify the end and start date using scheduler.date.add
ev.start_date=scheduler.date.add(start, offset, ‘minute’);
ev.end_date=scheduler.date.add(end, offset, ‘minute’);

	    return true;