Load Iframe of a dhxLayout cell with POST method

Dear support,

I saw a similar message in decembre 2008, and the answer seemed to be “no”, but I’m trying again … Is it possible to load ( in my case reload) a cell of a Layout object as a iframe with Post method ?

I can “imagine” that the cell is already loaded as an iframe with attachURL method, but I will have to reload it with a POST method only (new location, maybe high number of parameters, etc …).

Even if I give a “static” value to the name and/or id for the _iframe of the cell, the post method is giving me the page in a new window, and not in the cell’s iframe.

In the message of december, the problem was related to dhxWindow, but it seems that I can say that cells of layout inherits from dhyWindows, so the problem will be still the same, isn’t it ?

Is there any work around that I can use ?

Thanks a lot.



Yes, the layout bases on dhtmlxwindow. Unfortunately, there are no other solutions.