load json into grid

I’m attempting to load json data from a file but it’s not loading into the grid.

mygrid = new dhtmlXGridObject('gridbox'); mygrid.setImagePath("./codebase/imgs/"); mygrid.enableSmartRendering(true); mygrid.setHeader("Id,CatId,ItemId"); mygrid.setInitWidths("100,100,*"); mygrid.setColAlign("left,left,left"); mygrid.setColTypes("ed,ed,ed"); mygrid.setColSorting("str,str,str"); mygrid.enableTooltips("true"); mygrid.init();
    mygrid.load("data/order.json", "json");

order.json file contents:
{“rows”:[{“id”:1, “data”:[“id”:1,“catId”:105,“itemId”:17]}]}

the grid loads but no data is loaded into it; why?

i changed the json data file as such:

{“rows”:[{“id”:1, “data”:[{“id”:1,“catId”:105,“itemId”:17}]}]}

now in the grid i get :

[object Object]

You need to use

mygrid.load("data/order.json", "json"); //and data like {"rows":[{"id":1, "data":[1,105,17]}]}


mygrid.load("data/order.json", "js"); //and data like [{"id":1,"catId":105,"itemId":17}]

i could only get this version to work:

mygrid.load(“data/order.json”, “json”);
//and data like
{“rows”:[{“id”:1, “data”:[1,105,17]}]}

the other example provided returned and unexpected :